Committee on Finance

recessed to reconvene wednesday, december 11, 2019

Mon 12/09/2019
10:00 a.m.
Council Chambers -- City Hall -- Chicago, Illinois

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Committee on Finance


  1. Attendance
  2. Amendment of Municipal Code Title 10 by modifying permit fees within Central Business District
  3. Settlement Agreement regarding case of Gertrude Matanky v. Phillip Flannagan and the City of Chicago, cited as 17 L 011571
  4. Termination of Harlem Industrial Park Conservation Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Area
  5. Termination of Irving Park/Elston Redevelopment Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District
  6. Termination of South Works Industrial Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District
  7. Termination of Pershing/King Redevelopment Area Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District
  8. Settlement Agreement regarding case of Alma Benitez v. Paul Bar, Frank Castale, Thomas Curran, William Davis, Salvador Esparza, Daniel Gallagher, Roberto Garcia, Anthony Glaviano, Richard Hagen, John Halloran, David Hickey, Michael Jackson, William Johnson, Gregory Jones, Jeffrey Malik, Audie Manaois, David March, David McNaughton, John Murray, Delores Myles, Michael Nestad, Robert Ranzzoni, Beth Svec, Terence Teahan, Peter Torres, Victor Wathen, Anthony Wojcik, cited as 16 CV 9487
  9. Settlement Agreement regarding case of Donna Gillespie, as guardian for Shaquille Gillespie v. City of Chicago, cited as 17 L 2447
  10. Settlement Agreement regarding case of Janet Godinez, Deceased v. City of Chicago and Chicago Police Officers Keith Lindskog (#11533), James McAndrew (#83737), Rodrigo Corona (#7852), Manuel Arroyo (#5870), Gerald Nowakowski (#3536). Yasir Ramos (#17803), Todd Johnson (#14836), Brian Madsen (#8848), Samson Dadi (#15942), Mark Zdeb (#7371), Gerardo Calderon, Jr. (#17623), Steve Schmid (#3625), Timothy Collom (#17339), Robert Przybylowski (#1850), Kari Pfeifer (#12180), Salome Exclusa (#1850), Leanthony Brown (#7806), Sylvia Remigio (#17459), Michael Murphy (#15504), Donald Oksanen (#6877), Sergeant Michael T. Corlett (#2312), and Lieutenant Don Jerome (#307) cited as 16 C 7344
  11. Settlement Agreement regarding case of Tammi Jones, as independent administrator of the estate of Tevin Jones-Rogers, deceased, v. City of Chicago and Thomas Fennell, an individual, cited as 17 L 5331