Committee on Housing and Real Estate

reconvened meeting of september 25, 2017

Committee on Housing and Real Estate
Tue 10/10/2017
10:00 a.m.
Room 201A -- City Hall -- Chicago, Illinois


  1. Attendance
  2. Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 2-45 by adding new Section 2-45-117 entitled "Near North/Near West ARO Pilot Area Ordinance" (Affordable Requirements Ordinance)
  3. Sale of City-owned property at various locations under Large Lot Program
  4. Acquisition of Kennedy-King College site for construction of 2FM vehicle maintenance facility and sale of property at 6800 S Wentworth Ave to 6705 S Wentworth LLC



Attendance: 11 Present, 4 Absent

Name Ward Present Absent
Austin, Carrie M.
Austin, Carrie M. Ward 34
Burnett, Jr., Walter
Burnett, Jr., Walter Ward 27
Cappleman, James
Cappleman, James Ward 46
Cardenas, George A.
Cardenas, George A. Ward 12
Dowell, Pat
Dowell, Pat Ward 3
King, Sophia D.
King, Sophia D. Ward 4
Lopez, Raymond A.
Lopez, Raymond A. Ward 15
Mell, Deborah
Mell, Deborah Ward 33
Mitchell, Gregory I.
Mitchell, Gregory I. Ward 7
Moore, David H.
Moore, David H. Ward 17
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Joseph Ward 49
Pawar, Ameya
Pawar, Ameya Ward 47
Reboyras, Ariel
Reboyras, Ariel Ward 30
Sadlowski Garza, Susan
Sadlowski Garza, Susan Ward 10
Scott, Jr. Michael
Scott, Jr. Michael Ward 24