Committee on Housing and Real Estate

virtual meeting

Committee on Housing and Real Estate
Tue 9/29/2020
10:00 a.m.
Chicago, Illinois


  1. Attendance
  2. Reappointment of Craig Chico as Commissioner of Chicago Housing Authority Board
  3. Reappointment of Mildred Harris as Commissioner of Chicago Housing Authority Board
  4. Acquisition of vacant or improved parcels at 5200, 5206, 5208, 5212, 5216, 5218, 5220 and 5224 W Chicago Ave for public purposes
  5. Acquisition of various parcels on W Division St between Cleveland Ave and Kennedy Expressway for rights-of-way usage and reconstruction of Division St including bridges over North Branch of Chicago River and North Branch Canal
  6. Sale of vacant City-owned property at 1319 S Kilbourn Ave to United Scaffolding, Inc.
  7. Negotiated sale of City-owned property at 947 W Cullerton St to Neighborspace for use as community garden open space
  8. Intergovernmental agreement with METRA for purchase of properties at 615 W 79th St and 651 W 79th St and grant of easement for construction of Auburn Park Station
  9. License agreement with Chicago Transit Authority for use of City-owned property at 3939-3949 W Maypole Ave, 205-231 N Pulaski Rd, 254-256 N Harding Ave, 3942-3944 W Maypole Ave and 3936-3938 W Maypole Ave
  10. First amendment to lease agreement with Chicago Park District regarding use of City-owned open space at 220-234 E Chicago Ave (Seneca Park) by correcting leased square footage to allow for widening of Mies van der Rohe Way



Attendance: 16 Present, 3 Absent

Name Ward Present Absent
Austin, Carrie M.
Austin, Carrie M. Ward 34
Burnett, Jr., Walter
Burnett, Jr., Walter Ward 27
Cappleman, James
Cappleman, James Ward 46
Dowell, Pat
Dowell, Pat Ward 3
Hadden, Maria E.
Hadden, Maria E. Ward 49
Harris, Michelle A.
Harris, Michelle A. Ward 8
King, Sophia D.
King, Sophia D. Ward 4
La Spata, Daniel
La Spata, Daniel Ward 1
Lopez, Raymond A.
Lopez, Raymond A. Ward 15
Maldonado, Roberto
Maldonado, Roberto Ward 26
Martin, Matthew J.
Martin, Matthew J. Ward 47
Mitchell, Gregory I.
Mitchell, Gregory I. Ward 7
Moore, David H.
Moore, David H. Ward 17
Napolitano, Anthony V.
Napolitano, Anthony V. Ward 41
Osterman, Harry
Osterman, Harry Ward 48
Quinn, Marty
Quinn, Marty Ward 13
Rodriguez, Michael D.
Rodriguez, Michael D. Ward 22
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron Ward 25
Waguespack, Scott
Waguespack, Scott Ward 32