Appointment A2019-146 Active

Non-Routine City Matters Appointment

Appointments as members of Advisory Council on Cultural Affairs and Special Events: Sandra Delgado, Juan Dies, Bob Faust, Robert Gomez, Esther Grisham Grimm, Tracie D. Hall, Akilah S. Halley, Kevin Iega Jeff, Tonika Lewis Johnson, Bill Michel, Coya Paz, Myrna Salazar, Jennifer A. Scott and Vivian Teng (expiring October 5, 2021); Paula Aguirre Serrano, Alison Cuddy, Amina J. Dickerson, Tempestt Hazel, Ginger Lane, Josephine Lee, Heather A. Miller, Cesareo J. Moreno, Margaret C. Murphy-Webb, Claire C. Rice, Silvia Rivera, David Schmitz, Paul J. Sznewajs, Omar Torres-Kortright and Tanner Woodford (expiring October 5, 2022)


Sponsor Ward
Lightfoot, Lori E.
Lightfoot, Lori E. Primary Sponsor


Date Action Legislative body
1/14/20 Approved Chicago City Council
1/07/20 Recommended to Pass Committee on Special Events, Cultural Affairs and Recreation
12/17/19 Referred Chicago City Council

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