Order Or2012-447 Approved

Non-Routine City Matters Settlement Agreement

Settlement agreement regarding case of Michael Tillman v. former CPD Commander Jon Burge; Mayor and former State's Attorney Richard Daley; former CPD Sergeant Jon Byrne; former CPD detectives Peter Dignan, Ronald Boffo, Jack Hines and George Patton; the estate of former CPD detective John Yucaitis; former Cook County ASA Timothy Frenzer; former CPD Superintendents Leroy Martin and Terry Hillard; former OPS Director Gayles Shines; former aide to the CPD Superintendent Thomas Needham; the City of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; and the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, cited as 10 C 4551


Date Action Legislative body
2012-07-25 Passed Chicago City Council
2012-07-23 Direct Introduction Committee on Finance
2012-07-20 Recommended to Pass Committee on Finance

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