Order Or2017-405 Approved

Non-Routine City Matters Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement regarding case of Latanya Alexander, as special administrator of the estate of Lenneth Suggs, Sherwin Ott, Michael Lee, Christopher Cobbs, Latina Williams, Darrylmy Garner, Kenifia McNease, Ruthie Rogers, as guardian of Larrenzo Fulton, Yolanda Fulton, Tiffany Thomas, Keith Watts, Rosaline Ball, Jeremy Spencer, Jovanna Liberty, Laquita Bryant, Melinda Robinson, Jose McKnight, Moshay Barnes, Shakeeta Castleberry, Clifford Armstrong, and Tanjanika Smith, individually and on behalf of those similarly situated v. Officer Zinchuk, Star No. 3893, Officer Duggan Star No. 4607, Officer Wazny, Star No. 11019, Officer Kroll, Star No. 14373, Officer Lacz, Star No. 15609, Officer Wyroba, Star No. 3152, Officer Frigo, Star No. 8585, Sergeant Little, Star No. 855, Sergeant Kroski, Star No. 1777, Sergeant Struke, Star No. 1039, Lt. Stevens, Star No. 609, 15th District Cdr. Green, Officer Celio, Star 12569, Officer Frano, Star No. 8064, Officer Criscione, Star No. 16195, Officer Jacobucci, Star No. 4783, Officer Cristobal, Star No. 17545, Lt. Kilroy, Star No. 280, Sgt. Dany Helwink-Masters, Star No. 2573, Sgt. Reina, Star No. 2622, and the City of Chicago, cited as 08 C 6688 (U.S. Dist. Ct. ND Ill.)


Date Action Legislative body
9/06/17 Passed Chicago City Council
9/05/17 Recommended to Pass Committee on Finance
9/05/17 Direct Introduction Committee on Finance

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