Order Or2020-354 Active

Non-Routine City Matters Settlement Agreement

Settlement agreement regarding case of Jamell Island, Trezelle Island and Janell Island v. City of Chicago, Joy McClaim (Star No. 4915), Daniel O'Toole (Star No. 15346), Mark Hernandez (Star No. 12289), John Zinchuk (Star No. 3893), Raphael Mitchem (Star No. 6195), Ronald Norway (Star No. 6797) and Angela Pittman (Star No. 8235), No. 19 CV 1831 (N.D., IL)


Sponsor Ward
Waguespack, Scott
Waguespack, Scott Primary Sponsor Waguespack, Scott in Chicago City Council (Alderman)


Date Action Legislative body
12/15/20 Passed Chicago City Council
12/13/20 Direct Introduction Committee on Finance

Legislation text

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