Jackson, Sandi
Former Alderman, Ward 7

Jackson, Sandi

Credit: Chicago City Clerk

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In office since May 21, 2007

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Legislation that Jackson, Sandi is the primary sponsor of.

O2011-8773 None

Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 2-92 by adding new Section 583 regarding prohibited discrimination against unemployed persons

- Failed to Pass

CL2011-1099 None

Condominium claim for 7321 South Shore Drive Co-Op Apartments, Inc.

- Passed

CL2011-1096 None

Condominium claim for South Shore Club Condo Assn.

- Passed

CL2011-1098 None

Condominium claim for 7206-7208 Yates Condo Assn.

- Passed

CL2011-1095 None

Condominium claim for Silver Coast Citadel Condo Assn.

- Passed

O2012-7265 None

Loading/Standing/Tow Zone(s) at S Colfax Ave and E 79th St - repeal

- Passed
Pedestrian and Traffic Safety

R2013-20 None

Tribute to late Pastor Austin Willie Smith, Jr.

- Adopted

R2013-18 None

Tribute to late Phillip Oliver Coleman

- Adopted

R2013-19 None

Tribute to late Malinda Lynn

- Adopted

O2012-8225 None

Amendment of Municipal Code Sections 4-60-022 (7.27, 7.28, 7.252 and 7.253) and 4-60-023 (7.27, 7.28, 7.252 and 7.253) to allow additional alcoholic liquor and package goods licenses on ...

- Passed
License and Consumer Protection

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