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Communication F2020-900 None


12/31/2020 - Placed on File

Communication F2020-901 None


12/31/2020 - Placed on File

Report F2020-48 Stale

Inspector General's audit of Department of Streets and Sanitation weed-cutting program

9/09/2020 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2020-3999 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 2-56 by adding new Section 2-56-235 to require Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety to publish public database of closed complaints against police

9/09/2020 - Referred

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2020-4023 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Section 4-60-023 (44.2) to disallow additional package goods licenses on portion(s) of W Belmont Ave

9/09/2020 - Passed

Tunney, Thomas

Ordinance O2020-4101 Stale

Temporary government-authorized fire, police or life protection services allowed in responding to emergency at 8131 S May Street (Calumet High School) and 2641 S Calumet Ave (Young Women's ...

9/08/2020 - Passed as Substitute

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Communication F2020-49 None

Call for Special City Council Meeting August 21, 2020 at 10:00 A.M., Virtual Meeting -

8/21/2020 - Placed on File

Hairston, Leslie A.

Report F2020-50 Stale

Deputy Inspector General's 2019 Annual Public Safety Section Report

8/21/2020 - Placed on File

Resolution R2020-593 Stale

Call for Governor JB Pritzker to declare City of Chicago to be in state of emergency and mobilize National Guard to augment and assist Chicago Police Department

8/21/2020 - Failed to Pass

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2020-594 Stale

Call for scheduled joint subject matter hearing on Chicago Police Department 2021 budget prior to passage of City budget 2021 and two years thereafter, with call for two year pilot program ...

8/21/2020 - Adopted

Lopez, Raymond A.

Ordinance O2019-9158 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 2-84 by adding new Section 2-84-198 entitled "Hearings on Consent Decree Reports by the Independent Monitor"

8/11/2020 - Passed as Substitute

Martin, Matthew J.

Ordinance O2020-3986 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Chapters 4-5, 4-6, 4-13, 4-14, 4-16 and 4-17 by modifying licensing fees and operating regulations for shared housing

8/04/2020 - Passed as Substitute

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Resolution R2020-573 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on oversight, accountability and reporting of funding of various organizations awarded contracts through violence prevention initiatives

7/30/2020 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Taliaferro, Chris

Ordinance O2020-3651 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Chapter 10-32 by adding new Section 10-32-245 to establish Urban Forestry Advisory Board

7/23/2020 - Re-Referred

Waguespack, Scott

Resolution R2020-578 Stale

Congratulaions extended to Anthony Ricci on retirement as First Deputy Superintendent of Police

7/22/2020 - Referred

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Appointment A2020-92 Stale

Reappointment of Steve A. Quick as member of Special Service Area No. 23, Lincoln Park Commission

7/22/2020 - Approved

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Appointment A2020-64 Stale

Reappointment of Henry C. Schuppert as member of Special Service Area No. 17, Central Lakeview Commission

7/22/2020 - Approved

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Ordinance O2020-3898 Stale

Grant of Open Space Impact Fee funds to Neighborspace for expansion of Montrose Metra Garden in Lincoln Square at 4400-4498 N Ravenswood Ave

7/22/2020 - Passed

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Appointment A2020-70 Stale

Reappointment of Melaina L. Prest as member of Special Service Area No. 21, Lincoln Square Commission

7/22/2020 - Approved

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Claim CL2020-389 Stale

Various small claims

7/22/2020 - Failed to Pass

Waguespack, Scott