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Resolution R2021-979 Approved

Congratulations extended to Maureen C O'Neill on retirement from CPD

9/14/2021 - Adopted

Tabares, Silvana

Resolution R2021-937 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on Chicago Public Schools' COVID-19 safety plans, protocols and remote learning options

9/24/2021 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Hadden, Maria E.

Resolution R2021-921 Approved

Congratulations extended to John Tully on retirement as Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation

7/21/2021 - Adopted

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Resolution R2021-84 Approved

Condemnation of U.S. Representative Mary Miller's actions at Moms for America rally in Washington, D.C. on January 5, 2021

4/21/2021 - Adopted

Silverstein, Debra L.

Resolution R2021-828 Approved

Recognition of ongoing strength and bravery of Molly Grace Morris

7/21/2021 - Adopted

Napolitano, Anthony V.

Resolution R2021-825 Approved

Congratulations extended to Kathy Ostrowski on retirement

7/21/2021 - Adopted

Tabares, Silvana

Resolution R2021-787 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on strategies to combat dangerous drag racing and drifting events on public and private property

8/05/2021 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Tabares, Silvana

Resolution R2021-77 Stale

Call for endorsement of pay equity and equal pay for equal work and urge City Colleges to compensate adjunct faculty at pay rates comparable to employees who perform similar work

1/27/2021 - Referred

Sadlowski Garza, Susan

Resolution R2021-644 Stale

Call for hearing(s) to examine success of technologies used by Chicago Police Department in managing crime fighting operations and personnel shortages

6/07/2021 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2021-643 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on police officer scheduling, deployment strategies and programs or incentives offered to address officer fatigue

6/07/2021 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2021-553 Approved

Congratulations extended to Clear-Ridge Historical Society on 10th anniversary

5/26/2021 - Adopted

Tabares, Silvana

Resolution R2021-382 Stale

Call for establishment of elected Chicago school board for District 299

4/02/2021 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Sigcho-Lopez, Byron

Resolution R2021-249 Approved

Congratulations extended to Marissa and Jordan Losiak on birth of son Jaxson Noah Losiak

3/24/2021 - Adopted

Thompson, Patrick D.

Resolution R2021-221 Stale

Call for resignation of Chicago Postmaster Wanda Prater

2/26/2021 - Referred

O'Shea, Matthew J.

Resolution R2021-214 Stale

Call for public health agencies to include hotel and hospitality workers in phase 1b of COVID-19 vaccine rollout

2/26/2021 - Referred

Sadlowski Garza, Susan

Resolution R2021-1304 Stale

Call for investment of American Rescue Act funds to install water meters and repair water leaks prioritizing low-income/underserved communities

1/26/2022 - Re-Referred

Sigcho-Lopez, Byron

Resolution R2021-1302 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on impact of property tax distribution on commercial corridors and economic recovery

11/18/2021 - Remove Co-Sponsor(s)

Reboyras, Ariel

Resolution R2021-1273 Approved

Recognition of establishment of Chicago Navy Memorial at Navy Pier

11/17/2021 - Adopted

Sposato, Nicholas

Resolution R2021-1245 Approved

Declaration of first Sunday in December as "Toys for Tots Day" in Chicago

11/17/2021 - Adopted

Mitts, Emma

Resolution R2021-1147 Approved

Congratulations extended to Chicago Federation of Labor on 125th anniversary

10/25/2021 - Adopted

Lightfoot, Lori E.