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Ordinance O2017-3599 Stale

Grant(s) of privilege in public way for Workroom

5/24/2017 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2019-6336 Stale

Grant(s) of privilege in public way for Spa Soak, Inc.

9/18/2019 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2012-4395 Stale

Loading/Standing/Tow Zone(s) at W North Ave from Chicago River to N Wolcott Ave, W North Ave and N Wolcott Ave, W North Ave and N Hoyne Ave - repeal

6/27/2012 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2019-251 Stale

Parking prohibited at all times (except for disabled) - establish and amend

1/23/2019 - Passed as Substitute

Hopkins, Brian

Ordinance O2013-3000 Stale

Grant(s) of privilege in public way for Fizz Bar & Grill

5/08/2013 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2014-8343 Stale

Awning(s) for ASICS

11/05/2014 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2015-2275 Stale

Loading/Standing/Tow Zone(s) at 1504 N Fremont St - amend

9/24/2015 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2017-4251 Stale

Grant(s) of privilege in public way for 2500 Milwaukee LLC - bicycle racks

6/28/2017 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2013-9438 Stale

Buffer zone(s) for residential permit parking at 1700-1799 N Paulina St; 1846-1899 N Paulina St; 1900-1999 N Paulina; 1700-1731 W Bloomingdale Ave

2/05/2014 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2015-5186 Stale

Buffer zone(s) for residential permit parking at 2500-2542 N Kedzie Ave and 3209-3221 W Altgeld St - Zone No. 100

7/29/2015 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2019-6901 Stale

Loading/Standing Zone(s) - establish and amend

9/18/2019 - Passed as Substitute

Sawyer, Roderick T.

Claim CL2011-2753 Stale

Condominium claim for Riverbend Loft Condo Assn. and sundry others

10/05/2011 - Referred

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2011-8232 Stale

Exemption from physical barrier requirement for commercial driveway alley access for D.L. Moffet LLC

11/02/2011 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2016-623 Stale

Miscellaneous sign(s) - Reserved Disabled Parking - establish

2/10/2016 - Passed as Substitute

Waguespack, Scott

Ordinance O2017-236 Stale

Annual Appropriation Ordinance Year 2017 amendment within Fund No. 0100 for Department of Family and Support Services, Office of Emergency Management and Communications, and Department of Public ...

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2016-19 Stale

Call for Chicago Police Department to adopt policies, institute procedures, provide training and procure equipment to promote use of non-lethal force by police officers

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Sawyer, Roderick T.

Ordinance O2020-1466 Stale

Sidewalk cafe(s) for Region Handcrafted Hamburgers, The

4/24/2020 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Order Or2013-73 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on recent changes in type of response and investigation of 911 calls

5/20/2015 - Failed to Pass

Cochran, Willie

Ordinance O2019-1998 Stale

Sidewalk cafe(s) for Lottie's Pub

4/10/2019 - Passed

Waguespack, Scott

Claim CL2010-537 Stale

Condominium claim for Cinema Lofts Condo Assn.

12/08/2010 - Referred

Waguespack, Scott