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Ordinance O2017-3562 Stale

Acquisition of property at 5525 W Diversey Ave and issuance of multi-family housing revenue bonds for development of low-income housing

5/24/2017 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2015-8871 Stale

Issuance of Second Lien Wastewater Transmission Revenue Bonds, Project and Refunding Series 2016

1/21/2016 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2014-26 None

Notification of sale regarding General Obligation Project and Refunding Bonds, Series 2014A and Series 2014B, associated amendment regarding commercial paper debt and amendment of Municipal Code ...

4/02/2014 - Placed on File

Communication F2012-18 None

Receipts of certificates of filings from DuPage County Clerk Gary A. King concerning notification and abatement of certain taxes levied for years 2011-2038 to pay principal of and interest on ...

3/14/2012 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2013-838 Stale

General obligation bond proceeds grant for SOS Children's Villages for acquisition of properties at 7612, 7619 and 7620 S Parnell Ave for rehabilitation of buildings as foster care facilities and ...

3/27/2013 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2011-19 None

Notification of sale of General Obligation Bonds Taxable Series 2010C-1

2/09/2011 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2012-630 Stale

Issuance of Water Revenue Project and Refunding Bonds, Series 2012

3/16/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2014-51 None

Determination certificate of Chief Financial Officer concerning issuence of Motor Fuel Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2013 (Issue of June 2014)

6/25/2014 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2015-8873 Stale

Issuance of Second Lien Water Revenue Bonds, Series 2016A

3/16/2016 - Passed as Substitute

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2012-78 None

Notification of sale of Variable Rate Demand Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds (Churchview Manor Senior Apartments), Series 2012

10/31/2012 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2011-2626 Stale

Trust indenture and loan documentation regarding 2002 empowerment zone revenue bonds for Midway Moving

5/06/2011 - Signed

Daley, Richard M.

Ordinance O2013-107 Stale

Issuance of housing revenue bonds for Sterling Park Development LLC

2/22/2013 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2011-362 None

Issuance of 2011 Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2011A and 2011B

12/14/2011 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2011-7110 Stale

Issuance of General Obligation and Refunding Bonds, Series 2011

10/19/2011 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2013-11 None

Notification of abatement of certain taxes levied for Year 2012 to pay principal of and interest on City of Chicago General Obligation Bonds, Taxable Project Series 2010B (Build America Bonds - ...

2/13/2013 - Placed on File

Resolution R2018-679 Active

Call for hearing(s) on City's use of police brutality bonds

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos

Communication F2017-27 None

General Obligation Bonds Series 2007 A-K (Modern Schools Across Chicago Program) Amendment to Debt Service Payment Schedule

4/19/2017 - Placed on File

Communication F2017-67 None

Determination certificate of Chief Financial Officer concerning Funding Loan Notification of Multi-Family Housing Revenue Note, 2017 Series A (Diversey Manor Apartments)

10/11/2017 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2011-7113 Stale

Issuance of Sales Tax Revenue Bonds

10/19/2011 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-2245 Stale

Loan agreement and associated tax-exempt bond issuance for Churchview Manor Preservation, LP

5/09/2012 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm