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Resolution R2010-1196 Stale

Tribute to late Albertina Walker

11/03/2010 - Adopted

Daley, Richard M.

Resolution R2011-849 Stale

Tribute to late Martin Pufpaf

7/06/2011 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2012-246 Stale

Congratulations extended to Hailey Rovetuso on winning John Palmer Elementary School Science Fair and representing Palmer Elementary School at Area 1 Science Fair at Northeastern Illinois ...

2/15/2012 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2013-271 Stale

Congratulation extended to Captain Mauricio Rodriguez for heroic efforts

3/13/2013 - Adopted

Emanuel, Rahm

Resolution R2015-95 Stale

Tribute to late David Fagus

1/21/2015 - Adopted

Moore, Joseph

Resolution R2017-889 Stale

Congratulations extended to Eric L. Johnson on 50th birthday

10/11/2017 - Adopted

O'Shea, Matthew J.

Resolution R2017-718 Stale

Tribute to late Richard Howard, Jr.

9/06/2017 - Adopted

Austin, Carrie M.

Resolution R2014-480 Stale

Tribute to late Lucille "Jackie" Gallagher

6/25/2014 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2015-384 Stale

Congratulations extended to Michael Malone on retirement

5/06/2015 - Adopted

Fioretti, Bob

Resolution R2015-801 Stale

Tribute to late Bill Stanley

10/14/2015 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2015-781 Stale

Tribute to late John W. Buckner

10/14/2015 - Adopted

Austin, Carrie M.

Resolution R2017-115 Stale

Congratulations extended to Thomas Reed Liberto on achieving rank of Eagle Scout

2/22/2017 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2017-374 Stale

Tribute to late Judith A. McAuliffe

5/24/2017 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2012-1087 Stale

Tribute to late Bernice T. Lakomy

11/15/2012 - Adopted

Quinn, Marty

Resolution R2019-588 Stale

Congratulations extended to Philip Di Ciminna Barber Shop on 50th anniversary and declaration of August 15, 2019 as "Philip Di Ciminna Barber Shop Day" in Chicago

7/24/2019 - Adopted

Reilly, Brendan

Resolution R2015-1023 Stale

Congratulations extended to Newton N. Minow on 90th birthday and declaration of January 12, 2016 as "Newton N. Minow Day" in Chicago

12/09/2015 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2012-37 Stale

Congratulations extended to Dr. Paul J. Adams III on 40 years of leadership with Chicago's Providence-St. Mel School

1/18/2012 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2019-614 Stale

Congratulations extended to Paul Bendersky on 50th birthday

9/18/2019 - Adopted

Reboyras, Ariel

Resolution R2017-1117 Stale

Congratulations extended to Police Officer Lester A. Bailey on retirement

12/13/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2016-299 Stale

Tribute to late Joseph Antonik

5/18/2016 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret