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Resolution R2016-299 Stale

Tribute to late Joseph Antonik

5/18/2016 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2011-580 Stale

Tribute to late Lacy Gibson

5/04/2011 - Adopted

Fioretti, Bob

Resolution R2015-945 Stale

Tribute to late Honorable Jerry Greer

11/18/2015 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2016-404 Stale

Congratulations extended to Daniel Stegvilas, Sr. on charitable contribution to Ronald McDonald House Charities

6/22/2016 - Adopted

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2012-483 Stale

Tribute to late Sam Pusateri

4/24/2012 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2016-768 Stale

Congratulations extended to St. Constance Parish on celebrating 100th year jubilee

10/05/2016 - Adopted

Arena, John

Resolution R2018-1323 Stale

Congratulations extended to Juan Bedolla, Sr. on 70th birthday

12/12/2018 - Adopted

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2015-704 Stale

Recognition extended to London Towne Houses Cooperative, Inc. on renaming of Community Building 2 as "Ida Curtis Fisher Community Building"

9/24/2015 - Adopted

Harris, Michelle A.

Resolution R2017-3 Stale

Tribute to late John Schroeder

1/25/2017 - Adopted

Quinn, Marty

Resolution R2017-252 Stale

Tribute to late Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz

3/29/2017 - Adopted

Silverstein, Debra L.

Resolution R2010-1265 Stale

Congratulations extended to Gloria Majewski on retirement from Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

11/03/2010 - Adopted

Allen, Thomas

Resolution R2019-395 Stale

Congratulations extended to Jose Molina on 75th birthday

5/29/2019 - Adopted

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2017-182 Stale

Tribute to late Therese Zacharias

3/29/2017 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2019-95 Stale

Tribute to late Colleen McFarlane

3/13/2019 - Adopted

Thompson, Patrick D.

Resolution R2011-660 Stale

Recognition extended to Carl H. Davis Sr. for contributions to music industry

5/18/2011 - Adopted

Fioretti, Bob

Resolution R2011-519 Stale

Congratulations extended to Matthew and Meghan Burke on birth of son, Francis Joseph

4/13/2011 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2014-957 Stale

Gratitude extended to Joe Faraci for contributions to community and commitment to business and neighborhood within 48th Ward

12/10/2014 - Adopted

Osterman, Harry

Resolution R2013-452 Stale

Congratulations extended to Chicago Public School students on selection as Gates Millennium Scholars

5/08/2013 - Adopted

Emanuel, Rahm

Resolution R2018-545 Stale

Tribute to late John J. Haberkorn

5/25/2018 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Ordinance O2014-6881 Stale

Honorary street designation as "Honorary Walter L Sojka Way"

10/08/2014 - Passed

Burnett, Jr., Walter