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Ordinance O2018-9195 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code 3-56 concerning waiver of Wheel Tax license emblem and replacement fees for U.S. military veterans

1/23/2019 - Passed as Substitute

Valencia, Anna M.

Resolution R2019-353 Active

Election of Alderman Brendan Reilly as President Pro Tempore of Chicago City Council for years 2019-2023

5/29/2019 - Adopted

Harris, Michelle A.

Order Or2016-595 Stale

Settlement agreement regarding case of Shannon Spalding and Daniel Echeverria v. City of Chicago, Juan Rivera, James O'Grady, Nicholas Roti, Maurice Barnes, Robert Cesario, Joseph Salemme and ...

11/01/2016 - Passed

Ordinance O2012-1394 Stale

Issuance of special event license(s) and/or permit(s) for Friends of Bridge School Annual Festival

5/20/2015 - Failed to Pass

Cullerton, Timothy M.

Ordinance O2013-1881 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Section 4-6-230 to allow booting of motor vehicles on private property within 12th Ward

4/10/2013 - Passed as Substitute

Cardenas, George A.

Ordinance O2011-8098 Stale

Public hearing(s) on establishment of Special Service Area No. 55

5/20/2015 - Failed to Pass

Thompson, JoAnn

Ordinance O2017-3228 Stale

Industrial permit parking zone(s) - amend

4/19/2017 - Passed as Substitute

Pawar, Ameya

Order Or2012-448 Stale

Settlement agreement regarding case of David Fauntleroy v. Former Chicago Police Lt. Jon Burge, Former Chicago Police Detectives Daniel McWeeny and Ray Madigan and City of Chicago, Illinois cited ...

7/25/2012 - Passed

Order Or2010-1265 Stale

Payment of hospital and medical expenses of Police Officers and Firefighters - Regular Orders - all amounts

12/08/2010 - Passed

Burke, Edward M.

Ordinance O2014-1494 Stale

Sale of City-owned property at 431 E 45th Pl to Barbara Cortzen under Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program

4/02/2014 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-7885 Stale

Waiver of fee(s) for Westside Health Authority

12/14/2011 - Passed

Mitts, Emma

Ordinance O2013-4122 Stale

Miscellaneous sign(s) - Official School Personnel Only

5/08/2013 - Passed as Substitute

Chandler, Michael D.

Ordinance O2018-9081 Stale

Scope of services, budget, extension of tax levy, and management agreement for Special Service Area No. 17, Central Lakeview (Year 2019)

12/19/2018 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Order Or2011-843 Stale

Waiver of special event license and/or permit fee(s) for Wells Street Fall Festival

10/05/2011 - Passed

Smith, Michele

Report F2015-108 Stale

Revised Amendment No. 2 to Midwest Redevelopment Plan and Project for the Midwest Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Redevelopment Project and Plan

9/24/2015 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2018-9199 Stale

City of Chicago Five-year Housing Plan for 2019-2023

12/12/2018 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2017-7813 Stale

Intergovernmental agreement with Chicago Park District for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance for improvements to Portage Park

12/15/2017 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-5601 Stale

Approval of plat of Lincoln Park 2520 Subdivision

7/28/2011 - Passed

Smith, Michele

Ordinance O2011-737 Stale

Cancellation of water/sewer fee(s) for Jewish Community Centers of Chicago - Account No. 440804-440804

4/13/2011 - Passed

Stone, Bernard

Ordinance O2012-61 Stale

Transfer of City-owned property at various locations to Chicago Public Schools

2/15/2012 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm