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Ordinance O2017-6831 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 1210 N Ashland Ave - Food Stand - amend

10/11/2017 - Passed

Moreno, Proco Joe

Ordinance O2011-5519 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at W 97th St and S Oakley Ave - Two-Way Stop

10/05/2011 - Passed

O'Shea, Matthew J.

Ordinance O2018-9009 Stale

Speed limitations (20 mph) - establish

11/14/2018 - Passed as Substitute

Waguespack, Scott

Order Or2013-253 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at W Wilson Ave and N Western Ave - No Trucks Over 5 Tons

6/25/2014 - Passed

Pawar, Ameya

Order Or2011-1074 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at S Stewart Ave at E 32nd St - All-Way Stop

11/02/2011 - Referred

Balcer, James

Order Or2014-551 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at W Grenshaw St and S Pulaski Rd - Two-Way Stop

12/10/2014 - Passed

Chandler, Michael D.

Ordinance O2017-3173 Stale

Traffic direction at S Sacramento Ave from S Archer Ave to W 47th St - southerly

4/19/2017 - Passed

Lopez, Raymond A.

Ordinance O2013-6469 Stale

Traffic sign(s) at 30 N Garland Court - No Parking Tow Zone - amend

12/10/2014 - Passed

Reilly, Brendan

Ordinance O2015-5274 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at N Overhill Ave and W Clarence Ave - All-Way Stop

7/29/2015 - Passed

Napolitano, Anthony V.

Ordinance O2017-7133 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 6643-6659 S Kolin Ave - Two Hour Parking

1/17/2018 - Passed

Quinn, Marty

Order Or2012-412 Stale

Closed to Traffic N Lavergne Ave from W Montrose Ave to W Pensacola Ave

12/12/2012 - Passed

Arena, John

Ordinance O2015-76 Stale

Vehicle weight limitation - 5 tons - establish

1/21/2015 - Passed as Substitute

Reboyras, Ariel

Order Or2015-568 Stale

Traffic direction at W 28th St - One-Way westerly

10/14/2015 - Passed

Munoz, Ricardo

Ordinance O2012-4578 Stale

Traffic direction at E 81st St, 1000 block - One-Way northerly - repeal

10/31/2012 - Failed to Pass

Harris, Michelle A.

Ordinance O2010-5540 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at N Washtenaw Ave and W Jerome Ave - All-Way Stop

4/13/2011 - Passed as Substitute

Stone, Bernard

Ordinance O2017-1941 Stale

Vehicle weight limitations - 5 tons - establish and amend

3/29/2017 - Passed as Substitute

20th Ward Vacancy

Order Or2016-77 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at S Artesian Ave and W 45th St - All-Way Stop

5/18/2016 - Passed

Lopez, Raymond A.

Order Or2015-490 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at N Tahoma Ave and N Algonquin Ave - All-Way Stop

9/24/2015 - Passed

Napolitano, Anthony V.

Ordinance O2019-6500 Active

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 328 N Laflin St - All-Way Stop

7/24/2019 - Referred

Burnett, Jr., Walter

Order Or2012-152 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at E 115th St and S Avenue H - Four-Way Stop

9/12/2012 - Passed

Pope, John