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Ordinance O2021-2187 Stale

Support of Class 7(b) tax incentive for property generally at 8560 S Cottage Grove Ave

7/14/2021 - Signed

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Resolution R2018-503 Stale

Call for Illinois Commerce Commission to address operating practices of Lincoln Towing

6/27/2018 - Adopted

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2016-58 None

Call for Special City Council Meeting November 30, 2016 at 10:00 A.M. Council Chamber

11/30/2016 - Placed on File

Emanuel, Rahm

Resolution R2016-19 Stale

Call for Chicago Police Department to adopt policies, institute procedures, provide training and procure equipment to promote use of non-lethal force by police officers

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Sawyer, Roderick T.

Resolution R2017-732 Stale

Call for Corporation Counsel to take immediate legal action to protect interests of participants in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2020-803 Stale

Expression of support for passage of "Fair Tax" constitutional amendment

10/07/2020 - Referred

Sigcho-Lopez, Byron

Resolution R2016-89 Stale

Call for City of Chicago to participate in Illinois Department of Transportation performance-based asphalt paving specification pilot program

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Villegas, Gilbert

Resolution R2017-387 Stale

Call for United States Senate to reject American Health Care Act passed by United States House of Representatives on May 4, 2017 and solicitation of testimony from healthcare professionals, ...

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Cardenas, George A.

Resolution R2015-773 Stale

Call for Ghana Embassy in Washington, D.C. to appoint Berrice Mensah Tayui as honorary consul general in Chicago for Ghana

9/24/2015 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Order Or2018-469 Stale

Call for Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago, Laborers and Retirement Board Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago, Policemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago, ...

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2017-911 Stale

Call for establishment of Chicago Vehicular Terrorism Task Force

12/13/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2011-510 Stale

Condemnation of military actions by North Korea against Yeonpyeong Island

4/13/2011 - Adopted

Mell, Richard F.

Resolution R2014-5 Stale

Call for Federal Communications Commission to promulgate rules and regulations mandating installation of anti-theft software on smartphones

2/05/2014 - Adopted

Sposato, Nicholas

Ordinance O2011-6417 Stale

Call for all buildings owned and/or operated by City of Chicago, Chicago Public Buiding Commission, Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Public Library to be equipped with automated external ...

5/20/2015 - Failed to Pass

Lane, Lona

Resolution R2012-534 Stale

Call for Chicago Public Schools to explore feasibilty of entering into joint use ageements with community groups

5/09/2012 - Adopted

Reboyras, Ariel

Resolution R2016-464 Stale

Call for Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security to designate Ecuador for temporary protected status and provide temporary immigration relief to eligible Ecuadorian nationals impacted ...

7/20/2016 - Adopted

Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos

Resolution R2017-454 Stale

Call for Illinois Prisoner Review Board to reject parole petition for George Knights

5/24/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2021-331 Stale

Call for subject matter hearing(s) to establish citywide plan for electric vehicle-charging infrastructure

3/24/2021 - Referred

Martin, Matthew J.

Resolution R2016-473 Stale

Call for Governor Bruce Rauner to sign Senate Bill 2746 exempting feminine hygiene products from sales tax

6/22/2016 - Adopted

Hairston, Leslie A.

Resolution R2012-560 Stale

Call for President Barack Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson to fully employ and enforce Clean Air Act

6/06/2012 - Adopted

Moreno, Proco Joe