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Resolution 2017-1036 Active

Call for Food and Drug Administration to remove ban on blood donations by men who have had sex with men within last year

1/12/2018 - Recommended to Pass

Tunney, Thomas

Resolution 2017-1176 Approved

Expression of opposition to and call on Illinois Representatives to United States Congress to vote against Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017

12/26/2017 - Referred

Reilly, Brendan

Resolution 2017-911 Approved

Call for pertinent City officials, departments and sister agencies to assemble Chicago Vehicular Terrorism Task Force and report findings to Committee on Finance

12/13/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-1096 Active

Call for investigation of Suburban Express, Inc. for possible violations of Chicago Human Rights Ordinance and other discriminatory practices

12/13/2017 - Referred

Pawar, Ameya

Resolution 2017-1175 Approved

Call upon Secretary of Department of Homeland Security to extend TPS for Haitians living in United States

12/13/2017 - Adopted

Dowell, Pat

Resolution 2017-1097 Active

Call for internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo, internet service providers, and individual websites accessible within U.S. to eliminate access to content purporting to instruct viewers ...

12/13/2017 - Referred

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-1095 Active

Call for Illinois U.S. congressional delegation to oppose changes to Tax Cuts and Jobs Act regarding New Markets Tax Credit Program and call on Commissioner of Planning and Development to address ...

12/13/2017 - Referred

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-908 Active

Call for leadership of Chicago Public Schools to testify regarding special education programming and funding at Chicago Public Schools

12/05/2017 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Munoz, Ricardo

Resolution 2017-913 Approved

Call for Illinois delegation in United States Congress to oppose proposals changing state and local tax (SALT) deduction and mortgage interest deduction to Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

11/21/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-830 Approved

Call upon Equifax to withhold payment of bonus, severance package or retirement from departing Chief Executive Officer, Richard Smith, until final disposition on matter of City of Chicago v. ...

10/11/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-822 Active

Call for solidarity with merchants, unions and local affliates of Mondelez International in protest against decision to transfer bakery production operations from Chicago to Mexico

10/11/2017 - Referred

Curtis, Derrick G.

Resolution 2017-734 Active

Expression of support for establishment of universal access to child care and early education programs for working parents

9/06/2017 - Referred

Sadlowski Garza, Susan

Resolution 2017-751 Approved

Call for induction of Honorable Frederick Wayman Slater Career into National Football League Hall of Fame

9/06/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-668 Approved

Call for Department of Finance to address efforts to include blood donation groups in City's Voluntary Charitable Payroll Deductions Program

9/06/2017 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-670 Active

Call for Corporation Counsel, Chief Procurement Officer and City Comptroller to address nature, structure and implementation of automated enforcement program

7/26/2017 - Referred

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution 2017-497 Stale

Call for implementation of voluntary program to expand contracting opportunities for local businesses owned by minorities, women and disadvantaged certified companies in connection with airport ...

6/28/2017 - Referred

Villegas, Gilbert

Resolution 2017-302 Approved

Call for President Donald Trump and U.S. Congress to support mission of Environmental Protection Agency and maintain operations at Region 5 office in Chicago

6/28/2017 - Adopted

Moreno, Proco Joe

Resolution 2017-213 Approved

Call for opposition to reduction in federal funding to Environmental Protection Agency and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

6/28/2017 - Adopted

Waguespack, Scott

Resolution 2017-172 Approved

Call for intergovernmental task force to develop plans and recommendations to reduce recidivism

5/24/2017 - Adopted

Cappleman, James

Resolution 2017-387 Stale

Call for U.S.Senate to reject American Health Care Act passed by U.S. House of Representatives on May 4, 2017 and solicitation of testimony from healthcare professionals, interests groups, etc. ...

5/24/2017 - Referred

Cardenas, George A.