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Ordinance O2014-1076 Passed

Easement agreement with Commonwealth Edison Company for access to property 611-617 W Division St

3/05/2014 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-1466 Passed

Easement agreement with Swedish Covenant Hospital for pedestrian overpass

4/13/2011 - Passed

O'Connor, Patrick

Ordinance O2010-6667 Passed

Utility easement agreement at 5801 North Pulaski Road.

12/08/2010 - Passed

Daley, Richard M.

Ordinance O2013-7600 Passed

Long-term public way easement agreement with Presence Saint Joseph Hospital-Chicago for pedestrian overpass

11/13/2013 - Passed

Tunney, Thomas

Ordinance O2013-2787 Passed

Public way easement agreement with Columbia College Chicago

5/08/2013 - Passed

Fioretti, Bob

Ordinance O2013-4974 Passed

Public way easement agreement with MB Financial Bank N.A.for pedestrian overpass at 2400-2410 and 2444 W Lawrence Ave

10/16/2013 - Passed as Substitute

Pawar, Ameya

Ordinance O2011-6387 Passed

Agreements with Metra and Illinois Central Railroad regarding construction and easement rights at Lakefront Busway and 35th Street pedestrian bridge

9/08/2011 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2014-6905 Passed

Easement agreement with Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center

10/08/2014 - Passed

Moreno, Proco Joe

Ordinance O2011-1436 Passed

Easement agreement with North Pullman 111th, Inc. for storm sewer

4/13/2011 - Passed

Beale, Anthony

Ordinance O2016-1676 Stale

Long-term easement agreement with Chicago Title Land Trust Company, as successor trustee to LaSalle Bank, N.A. in area bounded by S State St and E Congress Pkwy (for 4th Ward)

6/15/2016 - Held in Committee

Beale, Anthony

Ordinance O2014-6839 Passed

Easement agreement with First FM LLC and 40 W. Hubbard LLC for pedestrian overpass improvements

10/08/2014 - Passed

Reilly, Brendan

Ordinance O2011-4637 Passed

Release of 1965 sewer easement on portion of E Congress Pkway, E Harrison St, S Wabash Ave and S Michigan Ave

7/06/2011 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-1405 Passed

Intergovernmental easement agreement with Chicago Housing Authority for stormwater drainage pipes

4/24/2012 - Passed

Ordinance O2010-6993 Passed

Public way easement agreement with Roosevelt University for pedestrian overpass

1/13/2011 - Passed

Fioretti, Bob

Ordinance O2011-7164 Passed

Temporary construction easement and permanent easement agreement with South Chicago Packing Company

10/05/2011 - Passed

Balcer, James

Ordinance O2018-902 Passed

Execution of non-exclusive perpetual public way easement agreement with Norwegian Lutheran Bethesda Home Association, also known as Bethesda Home and Retirement Center

3/28/2018 - Passed

Taliaferro, Chris

Ordinance O2016-3343 Passed

Dedication and construction easement on portions of S Green Bay Ave from 83rd to 84th St; and S Lake Shore Dr and S Mackinaw Ave

5/18/2016 - Passed

Sadlowski Garza, Susan

Ordinance O2014-2488 Passed

Easement agreement with Belt Railway Company of Chicago for installation of sewer main on portion of S Austin Ave

4/30/2014 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-3113 Passed

Release of reserved public way easement in area bounded by S Aberdeen St, W Jackson Blvd, W Van Buren St and S Racine Ave for development of property by Target Corporation

5/04/2011 - Passed

Fioretti, Bob

Ordinance O2012-5687 Passed

Construction, Easement and Maintenance Agreement (Wrigley Plaza) with 400-410 Michigan Real Estate LLC

10/03/2012 - Passed

Reilly, Brendan