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Ordinance O2012-2237 Passed

Amendment of redevelopment agreement with W2005CMK Realty, LLC

5/09/2012 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-6594 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Bronzeville Artist Lofts LLC and Bal Development LLC

11/08/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2014-7194 Passed

First amendment to redevelopment agreement with Blommer Chocolate Company for sale and redevelopment of property in vicinity of W Kinzie St and N Desplaines St

10/08/2014 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-8505 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with MLRP 401 Cicero, LLC

11/08/2011 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-6665 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with JMC Steel Group, Inc.

11/08/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2014-6402 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Beverly Western Partners LLC for construction of commercial facility at 2342 W 107th St and 10633 S Western Ave

9/23/2014 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-9597 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with CP MOK Properties LLC

12/14/2011 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2015-7896 Passed

Redevelopment agreement and associated tax credits, loan and conveyance for Nelson Mandela Apartments LP

11/18/2015 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2013-164 Passed

Amendment of redevelopment agreement with United Continental Holdings, Inc.

2/22/2013 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-6589 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Halsted Pershing Morgan LLC for construction of build-out to accommodate industrial uses

11/02/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2013-843 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Pullman Park Development-Phase 1B and Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, Inc. for construction of small shop and mid-box retail space

3/23/2013 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-9773 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with MGM/TGI 105th Street, LLC

1/18/2012 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-4988 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Comer Science and Education Foundation authorizing payment of certain incremental taxes

9/27/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-3912 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with A. Finkl & Sons

8/28/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2017-3457 Passed

First amendment to redevelopment agreement with Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, Inc. for Whole Foods warehouse and distribution facility

6/15/2017 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2012-6602 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Pulaski Promenade for construction of neighborhood shopping center at 4064-4200 S Pulaski Rd

11/08/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2014-8929 Passed

Redevelopment agreement, associated loan and tax credits for West Side Village Phase VI, LP for development of multi-unit complex for low and moderate income families

12/01/2014 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-4276 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

5/04/2011 - Passed

Burke, Edward M.

Ordinance O2014-3221 Failed

Redevelopment agreement with BGM Property Investments LLC and MT Food Service, Inc. for rehabilitation of property at 400 N Noble St for office and food distribution facility

5/20/2015 - Failed to Pass

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2014-6883 Passed

Redevelopment agreement with Sinai Health Systems for renovation of buildings at 1500 S California Blvd, 2653 W Ogden Blvd and 2701 W 68th St

10/08/2014 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm