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Ordinance O2012-7496 Passed

Awning(s) for George's Body Shop

12/12/2012 - Passed

Resolution R2012-280 Approved

Tribute to late Thomas C. Ferrarini

3/14/2012 - Adopted

Quinn, Marty

Ordinance O2011-8845 Passed

Loading/Standing/Tow Zone(s) at 1615 W Washington St

1/18/2012 - Passed

Ordinance O2017-690 Passed

Grant(s) of privilege in public way for Edgewater Beach Apts

2/22/2017 - Passed

Osterman, Harry

Claim CL2016-885 Stale

Condominium claim for Rosemont Hanover Condo Assn.

3/16/2016 - Referred

O'Connor, Patrick

Claim CL2014-3883 Stale

Damage to vehicle claim for HInton, Jesse

4/30/2014 - Referred

Claim CL2014-5071 Stale

Damage to vehicle claim for Cleveland, Melissa

4/15/2015 - Passed

Ordinance O2014-3432 Passed

Canopy(s) for University of Chicago Medical Center, The

5/28/2014 - Passed

Hairston, Leslie A.

Ordinance O2011-6110 Passed

Tow Zone - Street Cleaning at N Sacramento Blvd Inner Dr from W Augusta Blvd to W Grand Ave - west side

6/27/2012 - Passed

Maldonado, Roberto

Claim CL2011-367 Stale

Condominium claim for Glenlake I Condo Assn.

4/02/2014 - Passed

Cullerton, Timothy M.

Ordinance O2017-3534 Passed

Awning(s) for Cartier North America

5/24/2017 - Passed

Reilly, Brendan

Ordinance O2014-681 Passed

Grant(s) of privilege in public way for Mounsef International

2/05/2014 - Passed

Ordinance O2016-8891 Passed

Handicapped Parking Permit No. 104328

1/25/2017 - Passed

Santiago, Milagros S.

Ordinance O2017-1041 Passed

Handicapped Parking Permit No. 109821

3/29/2017 - Passed

Harris, Michelle A.

Ordinance O2016-4236 Passed

Sidewalk cafe(s) for Talay

6/22/2016 - Passed

Solis, Daniel

Claim CL2014-5717 Stale

Damage to property claim for Gentile, Dolores R.

5/06/2015 - Passed

Ordinance O2011-1104 Passed

Awning(s) for Horizon Realty

3/09/2011 - Passed

Schulter, Eugene

Ordinance O2015-6153 Passed

Loading/Standing/Tow Zone(s) at N Milwaukee Ave and W Berteau Ave - amend

5/18/2016 - Passed

Arena, John

Resolution R2016-341 Approved

Congratulations extended to Steppenwolf Theatre on 40th anniversary

5/18/2016 - Adopted

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-9449 Passed

Handicapped Parking Permit No. 77485

12/14/2011 - Passed