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Ordinance O2017-5604 Passed

Honorary street designation as "Honorary Michael 'Dyko' Presbitero Way"

9/06/2017 - Passed

Curtis, Derrick G.

Resolution R2018-759 Passed

Congratulations extended to Lorenzo Jenkins on 70th birthday

7/25/2018 - Adopted

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2014-155 Passed

Tribute to late Harold Beach

3/05/2014 - Adopted

Harris, Michelle A.

Resolution R2019-965 Passed

Declaration of December 4th as "Fred Hampton Day" in City of Chicago

12/18/2019 - Adopted

Vasquez, Jr., Andre

Resolution R2020-304 Passed

Tribute to late Emilie C. Mech

5/20/2020 - Adopted

Quinn, Marty

Resolution R2013-159 Passed

Tribute to late Carole M. Johnson and Arthur A. Johnson

1/17/2013 - Adopted

Laurino, Margaret

Resolution R2015-193 Passed

Declaration of March 22, 2015 as "James Shields Day" in Chicago

3/18/2015 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2019-115 Passed

Congratulations extended to Unit Church Ushers League, Chicago Zone, on 100th anniversary

3/13/2019 - Adopted

Dowell, Pat

Resolution R2020-559 Passed

Congratulations extended to Cynthia Peavy Myers on 65th birthday

7/22/2020 - Adopted

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2022-997 Passed

Congratulations extended to 219 East Lake Shore Drive building on 100th anniversary

10/26/2022 - Adopted

Hopkins, Brian

Resolution R2020-630 Passed

Tribute to late Robert Thomas Diver

9/09/2020 - Adopted

Thompson, Patrick D.

Ordinance O2021-1993 Passed

Honorary street designation as "Honorary Our Lady of Victory Way"

6/25/2021 - Passed

Sposato, Nicholas

Resolution R2020-476 Passed

Tribute to late Honorable Dorothy Kirie Kinnaird

7/22/2020 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2012-195 Passed

Tribute to late Jean Allard

2/15/2012 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.

Resolution R2018-484 Passed

Congratulations extended to Ozinga on 90th anniversary

5/25/2018 - Adopted

Thompson, Patrick D.

Resolution R2022-454 Passed

Congratulations extended to Sergeant Michael A. D'Andrea on retirement from Chicago Police Department

4/27/2022 - Adopted

O'Shea, Matthew J.

Resolution R2021-1387 Passed

Congratulations extended to Maria D. Solano on 65th birthday

12/15/2021 - Adopted

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2012-524 Passed

Congratulations extended to Ashley Hooks on selection as Miss Illinois USA 2012

5/09/2012 - Adopted

Willie B. Cochran

Resolution R2016-227 Passed

Tribute to late Euvon Blanche Bolton Mapes-Radel

4/13/2016 - Adopted

Quinn, Marty

Resolution R2018-1030 Passed

Tribute to late Honorable Leonard Boswell

9/20/2018 - Adopted

Burke, Edward M.