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Ordinance O2017-8650 Passed

Traffic direction at S Francisco Ave from W 47th St to W 43rd St - One-Way northerly - amend

1/17/2018 - Passed

Lopez, Raymond A.

Ordinance O2023-0002039 Active

Vehicle weight limitation at W Catalpa Ave from N Western Ave to N California Ave - 5 tons

6/14/2023 - Substituted-Aggregated

Vasquez, Jr., Andre

Ordinance O2016-8608 Passed

Vehicle weight limitations - 5 tons - establish

12/14/2016 - Passed as Substitute

Cardenas, George A.

Ordinance O2022-3654 Passed

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 5200-5558 and 5201-5559 N Kedzie Ave - No Semi-Truck Parking

11/16/2022 - Passed

Nugent, Samantha

Order Or2018-32 Approved

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at W 56th St and S Washtenaw Ave - All-Way Stop

2/28/2018 - Passed

Lopez, Raymond A.

Order Or2014-631 Approved

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at W Jarvis Ave and N Talman Ave - Stop Sign

1/21/2015 - Passed

Silverstein, Debra L.

Ordinance O2014-7635 Passed

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 2301 N Natchez Ave - Reserved Disabled Parking

12/10/2014 - Passed

Sposato, Nicholas

Ordinance O2020-1885 Failed

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 1315-1323 W Ohio St - No Parking Except Authorized School Personnel

5/24/2023 - Failed to Pass

La Spata, Daniel

Order Or2011-913 Failed

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at S Kedzie Ave and W 43rd St - Two-Way Stop

1/18/2012 - Failed to Pass

Burke, Edward M.

Ordinance O2017-274 Passed

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 200 N Peoria St - All-Way Stop

7/26/2017 - Passed

Burnett, Jr., Walter

Order Or2014-510 Approved

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at W 31st St and S Aberdeen St - All-Way Stop

11/05/2014 - Passed

Balcer, James

Order Or2019-168 Approved

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at S Aberdeen St and W 103rd Pl - All-Way Stop

7/24/2019 - Passed

Austin, Carrie M.

Ordinance O2022-2527 Passed

Speed limitations(s) at W Augusta Blvd from N Western Ave to N Oakley Blvd, from N Honore St to N Ashland Ave - 20 mph

9/21/2022 - Passed

La Spata, Daniel

Ordinance O2017-6771 Passed

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at 1645-1657 W 37th Pl - School Personnel Permit Parking

6/27/2018 - Passed

Cardenas, George A.

Ordinance O2023-0005895 Active

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at N Damen Ave and W Winona St - Two-Way Stop

11/15/2023 - Referred

Vasquez, Jr., Andre

Order Or2023-0002050 Active

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at N Whipple St and W Arthur Ave - All-Way Stop

7/19/2023 - Substituted-Aggregated

Silverstein, Debra L.

Ordinance O2023-0005941 Stale

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at S Mozart St, 4100 block - No Parking - Tow Zone - Except For Official School Personnel Permit Parking Only

5/24/2023 - Referred

Ramirez, Julia M.

Ordinance O2018-4310 Passed

Traffic direction at N Spaulding Ave from W Division St to first alley south - Two-Way - amend

7/25/2018 - Passed

Maldonado, Roberto

Ordinance O2022-716 Passed

Traffic sign(s)/signal(s) at E 83rd St and S Luella Ave - All-Way Stop

4/27/2022 - Passed

Mitchell, Gregory I.

Ordinance O2012-3371 Failed

Traffic direction at 8600-8700 S Wood St - One-Way southerly

9/12/2012 - Failed to Pass

Lane, Lona