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Resolution R2021-1305 Stale

Call for assessment of city holdings, sale of existing investments in weapons manufacturers, and adoption of socially responsible investment policy prohibiting future investments in weapons ...

1/26/2022 - Re-Referred

Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos

Resolution R2021-1302 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on impact of property tax distribution on commercial corridors and economic recovery

11/18/2021 - Remove Co-Sponsor(s)

Reboyras, Ariel

Resolution R2021-1301 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on commissioning of feasibility study regarding City of Chicago purchasing Chicago Bears franchise

12/15/2021 - Re-Referred

Cardenas, George A.

Resolution R2020-804 Stale

Call for subject matter hearing(s) on potential issuance of pension obligation bonds targeted toward City's pension requirements

10/07/2020 - Referred

La Spata, Daniel

Resolution R2020-803 Stale

Expression of support for passage of "Fair Tax" constitutional amendment

10/07/2020 - Referred

Sigcho-Lopez, Byron

Resolution R2020-802 Stale

Call for Federal Reserve Bank of U.S. and financial institutions serving as bond underwriters for City of Chicago to offer interest-free long-term loans for borrowing needs of state and local ...

10/07/2020 - Referred

Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana

Resolution R2020-747 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on status of various contract agreements between City of Chicago and JCDecaux

10/07/2020 - Referred

Reilly, Brendan

Resolution R2020-473 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on predatory towing practices and establishment of enforcement procedures

9/09/2020 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Villegas, Gilbert

Resolution R2020-169 Stale

Call for hearing(s) regarding policies and procedures for settlement and reduction of claims against City of Chicago

2/19/2020 - Referred

Lopez, Raymond A.

Resolution R2019-964 Stale

Call for informational hearing(s) on impact of Earned Income Tax Credit on Chicago families

12/18/2019 - Referred

Waguespack, Scott

Resolution R2019-741 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on Lincoln Yards Redevelopment Agreement and Cortland and Chicago River Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district

10/16/2019 - Referred

La Spata, Daniel

Resolution R2019-687 Stale

Call for development of system requiring wealthy nonprofit organizations to make Payments In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOTs) to City of Chicago

9/18/2019 - Referred

Taylor, Jeanette B.

Resolution R2019-596 Stale

Call for hearing(s) on Cook County residential property tax assessment formula and model

7/24/2019 - Referred

Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos

Resolution R2019-39 Stale

Call for City of Chicago to collaborate and partner with local banks to provide unemployment assistance during government shutdown to federal workers living in Chicago

1/23/2019 - Referred

Villegas, Gilbert

Resolution R2019-161 Stale

Call for hearing(s) regarding reports of improper disposal of demolition debris by McDonagh Demolition

3/13/2019 - Referred

Lopez, Raymond A.

Report F2021-86 Stale

Judgment and Settlement report for month of October 2021

11/15/2021 - Placed on File

Waguespack, Scott

Report F2011-50 Stale

Chicago Development Fund Quarterly Report (2010 Q4)

4/13/2011 - Placed on File

Burke, Edward M.

Ordinance O2022-2498 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code by repealing Section 3-92-075 regarding pensions

7/28/2022 - Add Co-Sponsor(s)

Reilly, Brendan

Ordinance O2021-2173 Stale

Intergovernmental agreement with Chicago Park District to provide tax increment financing )TIF) funds for renovations to auditorium, fieldhouse and boathouse at Humboldt Park at 1400 N Humboldt Dr

5/26/2021 - Referred

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Ordinance O2021-2113 Stale

Establishment of requirements for City departments to inform aldermen of all permits issued and lawsuits filed against City by resident or business owner in respective alderman's ward

5/26/2021 - Referred

Sigcho-Lopez, Byron