Committee on Finance

Committee on Finance
Fri 6/22/2012
10:00 a.m.
Council Chamber -- City Hall -- Chicago, Illinois

Agenda: 8 items

# Action Description ID Sponsor(s)
# 1 Action Description Amendment of redevelopment agreement with Urban Juncture LLC ID O2012-3834 Sponsor(s) Emanuel, Rahm
# 2 Action Description Multi-Family Program Funds loan to CN Preservation Associates ID O2012-3767 Sponsor(s) Emanuel, Rahm
# 3 Action Description Amendment of redevelopment agreement with Townsend Chicago, LLC ID O2012-3808 Sponsor(s) Emanuel, Rahm
# 4 Action Description Redevelopment agreement with A. Finkl & Sons ID O2012-3912 Sponsor(s) Emanuel, Rahm
# 5 Action Description Call for hearing(s) on expansion of enforcement against curbstoning within 14th Ward ID R2012-556 Sponsor(s) Burke, Edward M.
# 6 Action Description Submission of public question by referendum to Chicago voters at November 6, 2012 election authorizing City to arrange electrical load aggregation program for residential and commercial retail customers ID R2012-470 Sponsor(s) Burke, Edward M., O'Connor, Patrick
# 7 Action Description Allocation of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds for improvements to Merrimac Park ID O2012-3794 Sponsor(s) Emanuel, Rahm
# 8 Action Description Allocation of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds for improvements to Portage Park - Park No. 440 ID O2012-3798 Sponsor(s) Emanuel, Rahm

Alder Attendance: 15 Present, 19 Absent

Name Ward Present Absent
Austin, Carrie M.
Austin, Carrie M. Ward 34
Balcer, James
Balcer, James Ward 11
Beale, Anthony
Beale, Anthony Ward 9
Brookins, Jr., Howard
Brookins, Jr., Howard Ward 21
Burke, Edward M.
Burke, Edward M. Ward 14
Burnett, Jr., Walter
Burnett, Jr., Walter Ward 27
Burns, William D.
Burns, William D. Ward 4
Cardenas, George A.
Cardenas, George A. Ward 12
Cochran, Willie B.
Cochran, Willie B. Ward 20
Colon, Rey
Colon, Rey Ward 35
Dowell, Pat
Dowell, Pat Ward 3
Ervin, Jason C.
Ervin, Jason C. Ward 28
Foulkes, Toni
Foulkes, Toni Ward 16
Graham, Deborah L.
Graham, Deborah L. Ward 29
Hairston, Leslie A.
Hairston, Leslie A. Ward 5
Harris, Michelle A.
Harris, Michelle A. Ward 8
Lane, Lona
Lane, Lona Ward 18
Laurino, Margaret
Laurino, Margaret Ward 39
Mitts, Emma
Mitts, Emma Ward 37
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Joseph Ward 49
Moreno, Proco Joe
Moreno, Proco Joe Ward 1
Munoz, Ricardo
Munoz, Ricardo Ward 22
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Connor, Patrick Ward 40
Osterman, Harry
Osterman, Harry Ward 48
Pope, John
Pope, John Ward 10
Reboyras, Ariel
Reboyras, Ariel Ward 30
Reilly, Brendan
Reilly, Brendan Ward 42
Solis, Daniel
Solis, Daniel Ward 25
Suarez, Regner Ray
Suarez, Regner Ray Ward 31
Thomas, Latasha R.
Thomas, Latasha R. Ward 17
Thompson, JoAnn
Thompson, JoAnn Ward 16
Tunney, Thomas
Tunney, Thomas Ward 44
Waguespack, Scott
Waguespack, Scott Ward 32
Zalewski, Michael R.
Zalewski, Michael R. Ward 23