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Chicago City Council consists of 50 elected aldermen and meets monthly to shape the city. The council works with Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor, and Anna Valencia, the City Clerk.

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Citywide issues

The Mayor proposes most city-wide policies. These include business transactions, changes to the municipal code, bond issuance and appointments.

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Local issues

At the local level, matters like land use, signs, street parking, business permits, and other residents issues require the local Alderman's support.

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Upcoming Meetings

Next City Council meeting

Tue 11/21/2017
Council Chambers, City Hall
121 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL


Committee meetings

Mon 11/20 - Committee on Public Safety

Mon 11/20 - Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics

Mon 11/20 - Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards

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Latest Council Meeting

At the latest City Council meeting on Nov 15th, council members took action on 0 pieces of legislation, including 0 that are non-routine.

One of the more unusual aspects of Chicago City Council is the volume of ordinances that are introduced and passed every month. Most of these are routine items like sign permits, damaged vehicle claims, sidewalk cafe approvals and honorifics.

To help sort through all of this, we classify all legislation and tag it appropriately. If something doesn’t look like a routine piece of legislation, we tag it as Non-Routine to make it easier to discover.

Non-Routine Activity