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Ordinance O2011-2617 Stale

Cancellation of water/sewer fee(s) for St. Genevieve Church - Account No. 441776

5/18/2011 - Failed to Pass

Suarez, Regner Ray

Ordinance O2016-6408 Stale

Sale of City-owned property at 940-946 W 59th St to Fawzieh Zayyad

10/05/2016 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Order Or2011-171 Stale

Waiver of special event license and/or permit fee(s) for German American Festival

3/09/2011 - Passed

Schulter, Eugene

Appointment A2015-31 Stale

Appointment of Gale Howard as member of Special Service Area No. 19, Howard Street Commission

6/17/2015 - Approved

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2013-8337 Stale

Budget and service provider agreement for Special Service Area No. 59, 59th Street (Year 2014)

11/18/2013 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Appointment A2021-71 Stale

Reappointment of Tony Fox as member of Special Service Area No. 54, Sheridan Road Commission

6/25/2021 - Approved

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Ordinance O2015-753 Stale

Multi-Family Program Funds loan to Hilliard Homes ll Limited Partnership for replacement of deteriorated windows in Hilliard ll Buildings at 2030 S State St and 30 W Cermak Rd

3/18/2015 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-49 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Section 4-60-023 (48.12) to allow additional package goods licenses on portion(s) N Sheridan Rd

2/09/2011 - Passed

Smith, Mary Ann

Ordinance O2019-2691 Stale

Tow-away zone(s) - establish and amend

4/10/2019 - Passed as Substitute

Thompson, Patrick D.

Ordinance O2015-6646 Stale

Vacation of public alley(s) in area bounded by W 107th St and S Western Ave

10/14/2015 - Passed

O'Shea, Matthew J.

Ordinance O2017-7818 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Section 4-60-023 to allow additional package goods licenses on portion(s) of W Montrose Ave

12/13/2017 - Passed

Sposato, Nicholas

Ordinance O2014-3246 Stale

Adoption of Tax Increment Allocation Financing (TIF) for 119th and Halsted 2014 Amended Redevelopment Project Area

5/19/2014 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Report F2011-237 Stale

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Lawrence/Pulaski Redevelopment Project Area Annual Report (2010)

7/06/2011 - Placed on File

Order Or2018-44 Stale

Payment of hospital and medical expenses of Police Officers and Firefighters - Regular Orders - each amount not to exceed $1,000

2/28/2018 - Passed

Burke, Edward M.

Order Or2016-686 Stale

Payment of various small claims

12/14/2016 - Passed

Burke, Edward M.

Ordinance O2011-4448 Stale

Correction of City Council Journal of Proceedings of November 3, 2010

6/08/2011 - Passed

Mendoza, Susana A.

Ordinance O2014-6967 Stale

Amendment of Municipal Code Section 8-16-020 regarding curfew hours for minors

5/20/2015 - Failed to Pass

Emanuel, Rahm

Appointment A2017-88 Stale

Reappointment of Stephanie D. Fishel as member of Special Service Area No. 60, Albany Park Commission

9/06/2017 - Approved

Emanuel, Rahm

Report F2014-28 Stale

Revised Amendment No. 2 to 119th and Halsted Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Redevelopment Project and Plan

4/02/2014 - Placed on File

Report F2021-4 Stale

Inspector General's Audit and Program Review Section 2021 Annual Plan

1/27/2021 - Placed on File