Committee on Health and Human Relations

Committee on Health and Human Relations
Fri 7/15/2022
1:00 p.m.
Chicago, Illinois

Agenda: 4 items

# Action Description ID Sponsor(s)
# 1 Action Description Call for United States government to cease spending federal tax dollars on nuclear weapons, embrace United Nations Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and make global nuclear disarmament main focus of national security policy ID R2021-920 Sponsor(s) Hadden, Maria E., La Spata, Daniel, Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos, Vasquez, Jr., Andre
# 2 Action Description Call for Corporation Counsel to release Office of Inspector General report regarding demolition of Crawford Power Plant ID R2022-73 Sponsor(s) Rodriguez, Michael D.
# 3 Action Description Call for Governor J.B. Pritzker to grant late Ira Hayes posthumous pardon ID R2022-75 Sponsor(s) Burke, Edward M., Villegas, Gilbert, Cardenas, George A., Taliaferro, Chris
# 4 Action Description Call for hearing(s) on HIV crisis in African American communities ID R2022-589 Sponsor(s) Sawyer, Roderick T.

Alder Attendance: 14 Present, 3 Absent

Name Ward Present Absent
Cappleman, James
Cappleman, James Ward 46
Cardona, Jr., Felix
Cardona, Jr., Felix Ward 31
Coleman, Stephanie D.
Coleman, Stephanie D. Ward 16
Hadden, Maria E.
Hadden, Maria E. Ward 49
Harris, Michelle A.
Harris, Michelle A. Ward 8
Martin, Matthew J.
Martin, Matthew J. Ward 47
O'Shea, Matthew J.
O'Shea, Matthew J. Ward 19
Osterman, Harry
Osterman, Harry Ward 48
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos Ward 35
Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana
Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana Ward 33
Sadlowski Garza, Susan
Sadlowski Garza, Susan Ward 10
Sawyer, Roderick T.
Sawyer, Roderick T. Ward 6
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron Ward 25
Smith, Michele
Smith, Michele Ward 43
Tabares, Silvana
Tabares, Silvana Ward 23
Vasquez, Jr., Andre
Vasquez, Jr., Andre Ward 40
Waguespack, Scott
Waguespack, Scott Ward 32