Committee on Health and Human Relations

Committee on Health and Human Relations
Tue 9/26/2023
9:30 a.m.
City Council Chamber, 2nd Fl, City Hall, 121 N LaSalle St - Chicago, IL 60602

Agenda: 4 items

# Action Description ID Sponsor(s)
# 1 Action Description Amendment of Municipal Code Section 2-4-120 regarding membership of Gender-Based Violence Task Force ID O2023-0001249 Sponsor(s) La Spata, Daniel
# 2 Action Description Establishment of working group for development of recommendations regarding provision of mental health services ID O2023-0004179 Sponsor(s) Johnson, Brandon
# 3 Action Description Expression of support for allocation of Federal Nutrition Assistance Program funds for locally grown produce in Puerto Rico ID R2023-0002892 Sponsor(s) Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana, Fuentes, Jessica L.
# 4 Action Description Call for Chicago institutions of higher learning to establish department or office to aggressively work to increase Black student recruitment, enrollment and scholarship opportunities ID R2023-0002940 Sponsor(s) Robinson, Lamont J.

Alder Attendance: 11 Present, 3 Absent

Name Ward Present Absent
Coleman, Stephanie D.
Coleman, Stephanie D. Ward 16
Cruz, Ruth
Cruz, Ruth Ward 30
Fuentes, Jessica L.
Fuentes, Jessica L. Ward 26
Gutierrez, Jeylu B.
Gutierrez, Jeylu B. Ward 14
Hadden, Maria E.
Hadden, Maria E. Ward 49
Lawson, Bennett R.
Lawson, Bennett R. Ward 44
Lopez, Raymond A.
Lopez, Raymond A. Ward 15
Manaa-Hoppenworth, Leni
Manaa-Hoppenworth, Leni Ward 48
Ramirez, Julia M.
Ramirez, Julia M. Ward 12
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos Ward 35
Robinson, Lamont J.
Robinson, Lamont J. Ward 4
Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana
Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana Ward 33
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron Ward 25
Yancy, Desmon C.
Yancy, Desmon C. Ward 5


Rule 45 Report