Committee on Housing and Real Estate

Committee on Housing and Real Estate
Mon 11/10/2014
11:00 a.m.
Room 201A -- City Hall -- Chicago, Illinois

Agenda: 1 items

# Action Description ID Sponsor(s)
# 1 Action Description Amendment of Municipal Code Title 5 by adding new Chapter 5-15 entitled "Single-Room Occupancy and Residential Hotel Preservation Ordinance" and modifying Sections 17-14-0200 and 17-17-0200 to authorize Commissioner of Department of Planning and Development to administer provisions related thereto ID O2014-6997 Sponsor(s) Emanuel, Rahm, Burnett, Jr., Walter, Pawar, Ameya, Suarez, Regner Ray, Cardenas, George A., Burns, William D., Cochran, Willie B., Brookins, Jr., Howard

Alder Attendance: 12 Present, 5 Absent

Name Ward Present Absent
Austin, Carrie M.
Austin, Carrie M. Ward 34
Balcer, James
Balcer, James Ward 11
Burns, William D.
Burns, William D. Ward 4
Cappleman, James
Cappleman, James Ward 46
Cardenas, George A.
Cardenas, George A. Ward 12
Chandler, Michael D.
Chandler, Michael D. Ward 24
Cullerton, Timothy M.
Cullerton, Timothy M. Ward 38
Dowell, Pat
Dowell, Pat Ward 3
Holmes, Natashia
Holmes, Natashia Ward 7
Lane, Lona
Lane, Lona Ward 18
Mell, Deborah
Mell, Deborah Ward 33
O'Connor, Mary
O'Connor, Mary Ward 41
Pope, John
Pope, John Ward 10
Reboyras, Ariel
Reboyras, Ariel Ward 30
Sposato, Nicholas
Sposato, Nicholas Ward 38
Suarez, Regner Ray
Suarez, Regner Ray Ward 31
Thompson, JoAnn
Thompson, JoAnn Ward 16