Handicapped Parking Permit No. 47538 - amend


Sponsor Ward
Zalewski, Michael R.
Zalewski, Michael R.Primary Sponsor Ward 23


Legislation Text

Over ride BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO: SECTION 1. That an ordinance heretofore passed by the City Council prohibited parking of vehicles at all times on portions of designated streets, be and the same is hereby amended by striking therefrom/ the following: "4831 S. Lamon Ave." Permit No. 47538 No. 4831 S. Lamon Ave. Wanda Scibisz SECTION 2. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force upon its passage and publication. City Council Meeting January 13, 2011 Michael R. Zalewski Alderman, 23fd Ward DISABLED PERMIT PARKING REMOVAL. APPLICATION FOR SIGN REMOVAL REGARDING PROHIBITED PARKING EXCEPT FOR DISABLED PERMIT NUMBER M753$_ < Please print or type.) NAME OF DISABLED INDIVIDUAL: UMa/QA Sc<6<3£, REMOVAL LOCATION OF DISABLED PARKING SPACE REQUESTED: _S- i**uw Ave--_ ( Fleue print or type cuffmt sip kxttioa address.) CHICAGO, I1XINOLS (ZIPCODE1} bQblfo ffHONENUMBER)_ REASON FOR REMOVAL: fAoMep_ ILLINOIS VEHICLE LICENSE NUMBER:_ (WorVplate*) ILLINOIS DISABLED PLACARD NUMBER:_ (Secretory of State Disabfcd Placard) CERTIFICATION: THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE: (Signature of Applicant) FORWARD THIS COMPLETED APPLICATION TO YOUR ALDERMAN. applicant: do not "write below this i aldermaniccert3tcatS5^— ic Signature (Ward) (Daw) AFTER APPROVAL, THIS APPLICATION IS TO BE FORWARDED TO COUNCIL SERVICES. BY THE ALDERMAN, AT THE TIME THE DISABLED SIGN REMOVAL ORDINANCE IS INTRODUCED Xbd 13r«3SbT dH wuefr«oi I 105