Ordinance O2011-39 Stale

Routine Ward Matters Residents Handicapped Parking Permit

Handicapped Parking Permit No. 77507


Sponsor Ward
Thompson, JoAnn
Thompson, JoAnn Primary Sponsor None


Date Action Legislative body
2/08/11 Passed Chicago City Council
1/12/11 Referred Chicago City Council

Legislation text

MEMORANDUM FOR TRAFFIC REGULATION PROHIBITION AGAINST PARKING (Except for the Disabled) Name Applicant: CLAUDIA J WALKER Primary Street Address: 5623 S OAKLEY AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60636 Location Signs to be Posted: 5623 S OAKLEY AVE Permit Number: 77507 Hours: At all times Days: No Exceptions 12-21-10;03:05PM; ;7734343689 # 3/ APPLICATION FOR DISABLED PARKING SIGNS PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE FORM 77507 An application will noi Pe consictorec compinre unless. All line;; o- \tv> jncificntion have boon camnlutcd in t.di- A crteci- c.r mor.ay order tor S70.CC mage payvjic lo ihe City ••>' Cn -'-.iv. iu sci?rr«inetf at: ssymen; o.< the aoolicaxm .'««! Please note. The application lee s:*.all be v/aived lor any person Holding o val.-.i, «wm»nt tfsaWsu .cleans piaie. • Disability must be pormaneni as -avidenced 5y a copy of yen: vairi D-siiO-ed placard or'd/o; vsrvfgia rogisiratror. sup/rtf'.&c at thtr Ume of application: • Prco; ir residency, in lhe form of a sop1/ ol yo.-- Jn-y«rs lict-w. sta?-i i l .1 5. Htvne AddresG (primary rnsicienex*) 5l£i«?L3; b.\0\fi\<\t-\£\j\ ItCTMllMlKn J_.J_ 6. Aduross Mtisiii S'lps will so oosted b 7i." raw i& i P i fo:3-| 6 5)6 I? 131 !5|£-AK!/Ljfc-j /; i^tifib ! 7. F'fiont: Numbers i J.. 1 t_ 2. Home Business 8. Current Perrnanen; Disabled Placard Number 3A of*?* __L. Registered to Jj.ii_r.lrJ . Reiationsnip io Applicant 9. Currant license Plate Number to Registered to .1 City Sticker No. Relationship to Applicant 10. Description or Mwiicni Condition and Disability V/ Alternative Panting: Please nolo your application may be denied If you havo alternative accessible off -street parking options. 11, Is thore off-street parking available at your primary tesidonen (i.u.. garage, cor port, driveway, etc )? •I) YES ^NO IS.Ii you answerod Yes to ouosuon it, ofoace describe: J Gornpo, □Driveway: □ Car Port; 'JOlhoi: 13. Is your o'f-slreol parking occer..„to? □ Vcs: □ No. Ploasu oxplam: It. Aftirmaiion: I nereby affirm ttiat the above- inlormation is true And corruet. II tne City ol Chicago Department of Rovenye doir»mincs that ttio applicant has falsely rcprcacntod one or moio ol trio above conditions, the applicant shall ba uubjuci to a tint ot nul less than $100 but no more than S500, and lha application shall bo domod. I also understono that Ir is my responsibility to no'.'/y Iho Deparimom ol Rovonue of any changos in tlvj inlormation provided. Sisnaturc J%&6&&U^..^L^ Dam FOR OFFICE USE ONLY □ FEE D PLACARD/PLATE □ RESIDENCY pco"ivrF PLETl r v. 12-21-10;03:05PM; 7734343889 #2/9 Cily of Chicago Richard M. Daley, Mayor December 3,2010 Department of Revenue City Hall, Room 107A 121 North LaSalle Street Bca Reyna-Hickcy Director ALDERMAN JOANN THOMPSON WARD 16 5335 S WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO. IL 60609 Chicago. Illinois 60602-1288 Dear ALDERMAN THOMPSON: (312) 747-4747 (IRIS) (312) 744-0471 (FAX) (312) 744-297J (TTY) The Department of Revenue recommends installation of disabled parking signs as described below. The application has been reviewed and a survey of the location has been conducted. Since the applicant has met the requirements outlined in the Municipal Code, the signs will be installed. Iittp://www,cityofcbicj60.orfi Provided is the name and address of the applicant, the exact location proposed for the signs, and the permit number assigned. Please introduce an ordinance to post residential disabled parking signs at the location recommended, if one has not yet been introduced. Applicant's Name: CLAUDIA J WALKER Applicants Address: 5623 S OAKLEY AVE Address/Location of Signs: 5623 S OAKLEY AVE Permit Number: 77507 Work Order Number: H10-1382 If the proposed ordinance is not passed within four months after its introduction, the permit shall be revoked and the restricted parking signs removed. Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact our office at 312.742.7434. Very truly yours-' \ Anthony Gambino Manager of Parking Enclosure: Disabled Signs Application 12-21-10;03:05PM; ;7734343889 #4/9 City of Chicago Riehard M. Daley, Mayor Department or Revenue Bca Reyna-Hickcy Director City Hall, Room I07A 121 North laSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60602-1288 (312) 747-4747 (IRIS) (312) 744-047J (FAX) (312) 744-2975 (TTY) December 3, 2010 CLAUDIA J WALKER 5623 S OAKLEY AVE CHICAGO, IL 60636 Dear Applicant: The Department of Revenue has recommended installation of disabled parking signs near your residence. Based on this recommendation, the signs for your restricted parking space will be installed. However, your application must be approved by City Council. If the proposed ordinance is not passed within four months after its introduction, the permit shall be revoked and the restricted parking signs removed. The parking permit must be renewed annually. The fee is $25.00. A renewal notice will be mailed one year from the date the signs are installed. Please be advised that you are required to report any changes to the information provided on your original application to the City of Chicago Department of Revenue. You are also required by Cily law to notify the Department if you no longer meet the following permit qualifications: * You must hold either a valid, current disabled veteran's state registration plate or permanent person with disability license plate, permanent parking placard or device authorized by the Illinois Vehicle Code; * Any vehicle parked by you or for you in the designated area must bear the disabled license plate, permanent disabled parking placard or devices issued to you by the State of Illinois: * You must continue to reside at the home address listed on the original application. A residential disabled parking permit will be issued to you by the City of Chicago. It must be placed on the right side of the dashboard. Only qualified vehicles displaying the permit are authorized to park in your restricted parking space. The permit number must be visible from outside your vehicle. The permit will be installed at: Address/Location of Signs: 5623 S OAKLEY AVE Permit number. 77507 Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the City of Chicago's Helpline at 312.742.7434. Anthony Gambino Manager of Parking Copy: ALDERMAN THOMPSON