Ordinance SO2024-0008885 Passed

Routine Ward Matters Land Use Zoning Reclassification

Zoning Reclassification Map No. 4-I at 2863 W 21st St - App No. 22413T1

Alternate identifiers: O2024-0008885


Date Legislative body Action
Date 2024-05-22 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Passed

On motion of Alderperson Lawson, and unsuccessful motion to reconsider by Alderperson Harris, the matter was Passed.

Votes for Votes against Other votes
Votes for Yes: 48

Beale, Anthony
Burnett, Jr., Walter
Cardona, Jr., Felix
Chico, Peter
Clay, Angela
Coleman, Stephanie D.
Conway, William
Cruz, Ruth
Curtis, Derrick G.
Dowell, Pat
Ervin, Jason C.
Fuentes, Jessica L.
Gardiner, James M.
Gutierrez, Jeylu B.
Hadden, Maria E.
Hall, William E.
Harris, Michelle A.
Hopkins, Brian
Knudsen, Timothy R.
La Spata, Daniel
Lawson, Bennett R.
Lee, Nicole T.
Lopez, Raymond A.
Manaa-Hoppenworth, Leni
Martin, Matthew J.
Moore, David H.
Mosley, Ronnie L.
Napolitano, Anthony V.
Nugent, Samantha
O'Shea, Matthew J.
Quinn, Marty
Ramirez, Julia M.
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos
Reilly, Brendan
Robinson, Lamont J.
Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana
Rodriguez, Michael D.
Scott, Monique L.
Sigcho-Lopez, Byron
Silverstein, Debra L.
Sposato, Nicholas
Tabares, Silvana
Taliaferro, Chris
Taylor, Jeanette B.
Vasquez, Jr., Andre
Villegas, Gilbert
Waguespack, Scott
Yancy, Desmon C.

Votes against

Other votes Absent: 2

Absent: Mitchell, Gregory I.
Absent: Mitts, Emma

Date 2024-05-21 Legislative body Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards Action Recommended to Pass
Date 2024-05-21 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Substituted
Date 2024-04-17 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Referred
Date 2024-04-17 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Introduced

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