Issuance of permits for sign(s)/signboard(s) at 1353 S Wabash Ave - Permit No. 101029079


Sponsor Ward
Dowell, Pat
Dowell, PatPrimary Sponsor Ward 3


Date Legislative body Action
Date 2023-10-16 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Passed

On motion of Alderperson Ramirez-Rosa, and unsuccessful motion to reconsider by Alderperson Mitchell, the matter was Passed.

Votes for Votes against Other votes
Votes for

Votes against

Other votes Absent: 1
Abstain: 49

Abstain: Beale, Anthony
Abstain: Burnett, Jr., Walter
Abstain: Cardona, Jr., Felix
Abstain: Chico, Peter
Abstain: Clay, Angela
Abstain: Coleman, Stephanie D.
Abstain: Conway, William
Abstain: Cruz, Ruth
Abstain: Curtis, Derrick G.
Abstain: Dowell, Pat
Abstain: Ervin, Jason C.
Abstain: Fuentes, Jessica L.
Abstain: Gardiner, James M.
Abstain: Gutierrez, Jeylu B.
Abstain: Hadden, Maria E.
Abstain: Hall, William E.
Abstain: Harris, Michelle A.
Abstain: Hopkins, Brian
Abstain: Knudsen, Timothy R.
Abstain: La Spata, Daniel
Abstain: Lawson, Bennett R.
Abstain: Lee, Nicole T.
Abstain: Lopez, Raymond A.
Abstain: Manaa-Hoppenworth, Leni
Abstain: Martin, Matthew J.
Abstain: Mitchell, Gregory I.
Abstain: Mitts, Emma
Abstain: Moore, David H.
Abstain: Mosley, Ronnie L.
Abstain: Napolitano, Anthony V.
Abstain: Nugent, Samantha
Abstain: O'Shea, Matthew J.
Abstain: Quinn, Marty
Abstain: Ramirez, Julia M.
Abstain: Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos
Abstain: Reilly, Brendan
Abstain: Robinson, Lamont J.
Abstain: Rodriguez Sanchez, Rossana
Abstain: Rodriguez, Michael D.
Abstain: Scott, Monique L.
Abstain: Sigcho-Lopez, Byron
Abstain: Silverstein, Debra L.
Absent: Sposato, Nicholas
Abstain: Tabares, Silvana
Abstain: Taliaferro, Chris
Abstain: Taylor, Jeanette B.
Abstain: Vasquez, Jr., Andre
Abstain: Villegas, Gilbert
Abstain: Waguespack, Scott
Abstain: Yancy, Desmon C.

Date 2023-10-10 Legislative body Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards Action Recommended to Pass
Date 2023-09-14 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Referred
Date 2023-09-14 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Introduced

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