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Communication F2015-123 None

Determination Certificate for City of Chicago Second Lien Wastewater Transmission Revenue Bonds, Series 2015

10/21/2015 - Placed on File

Communication F2012-33 None

Notification of sale of Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds (Bronzeville Senior Apartments Project) Series 2012 and Multi-Family Housing Revenue Notes (Bronzeville Senior Apartments Project) ...

6/06/2012 - Placed on File

Communication F2011-328 None

Notification of sale of Multi-Family Housing Revenue Note (Park Boulevard Phase 2A Project), Series 2011A and Series 2011B

7/06/2011 - Placed on File

Communication F2017-32 None

General Obligation Bonds Series 2007A-K (Modern Schools Across Chicago Program) Amendment to Debt Service Payment Schedule

5/24/2017 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2017-5991 Passed

Issuance, sale and delivery of City of Chicago Multi-Family Housing Revenue Note, 2017 Series A for construction of multi-family housing facility at 2031-2037 N Milwaukee Ave, and execution of ...

9/22/2017 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2012-25 None

Notification of sale of City of Chicago, Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds Series 2012B and Series 2012B (Hazel Withrop Apartments)

4/18/2012 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2012-2233 Passed

Issuance of 2012 Wastewater Transmission Project and Refunding Bonds

5/09/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2011-362 None

Issuance of 2011 Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2011A and 2011B

12/14/2011 - Placed on File

Communication F2017-49 None

General Obligation Bonds Series 2007A-K (Modern Schools Across Chicago Program) Amendment to Debit Service Payment Schedule

7/26/2017 - Placed on File

Communication F2012-35 None

Issuance of General Obligation Bonds, Series 2012 and amendments to Commercial Paper Program

6/06/2012 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2015-8826 Passed

Issuance of special assessment bonds for municipal improvements within Franklin Point Area at 650-658 S Wells St, 700-758 S Wells St and 223-313 W Harrison St and River South at 600-1000 S Wells ...

1/21/2016 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2013-89 None

Chicago Midway Airport Second Lien Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2013A, Series 2013B and Series 2013C

12/11/2013 - Placed on File

Communication F2015-124 None

Water Revenue Project and Refunding Bonds, Series 2012

10/28/2015 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2016-3334 Passed

Issuance of tax-exempt bonds for WHP Village LLC and associated bond issuance agreement with BMO Harris Bank N.A. for rehabilitation of low- and moderate-income facilities

6/01/2016 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2016-9131 Passed

Bond inducement language for Housing Revenue Bonds for Metropolitan Housing Development Corporation

1/27/2017 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Communication F2017-18 None

Notification of sale of Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds, (Lawn Terrace Preservation Project) Series 2017

3/29/2017 - Placed on File

Communication F2012-12 None

Receipts of certificates of filing from Cook County Clerk David D. Orr concerning Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2011 of City of Chicago

3/14/2012 - Placed on File

Ordinance O2017-3562 Passed

Acquisition of property at 5525 W Diversey Ave and issuance of multi-family housing revenue bonds for development of low-income housing

5/24/2017 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-9767 Passed

Intent for issuance of housing revenue bonds for Bronzeville Associates Senior Apts.

1/31/2012 - Signed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-6403 Failed

Intent for issuance of multi-family housing revenue bonds for Poah NSP Chicago LLC; Celadon-Pulaski LLC; 6034 Building LLC

5/20/2015 - Failed to Pass

Emanuel, Rahm