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Ordinance O2013-5542 Stale

Long term public way easement agreement with SP5 Wood K2 Apartments LLC for pedestrian overpass

11/19/2013 - Signed

Burnett, Jr., Walter

Ordinance O2020-1916 Stale

Long-term easement agreement with Tribune Tower West (Chicago) Owner LLC for existing vaults under portions of E Illinois St and N Michigan Ave

5/20/2020 - Passed

Reilly, Brendan

Ordinance O2013-2787 Stale

Public way easement agreement with Columbia College Chicago

5/08/2013 - Passed

Fioretti, Bob

Ordinance O2014-6905 Stale

Easement agreement with Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Centerfor pedestrian overpass

10/08/2014 - Passed

Moreno, Proco Joe

Ordinance O2013-1604 Stale

Intergovernmental agreement with Chicago Board of Education regarding sewer easement at 644-738 S State St for new Jones High School

4/10/2013 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-6387 Stale

Agreements with Metra and Illinois Central Railroad regarding construction and easement rights at Lakefront Busway and 35th Street pedestrian bridge

9/08/2011 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2013-7600 Stale

Long-term public way easement agreement with Presence Saint Joseph Hospital-Chicago for pedestrian overpass

11/13/2013 - Passed

Tunney, Thomas

Ordinance O2017-7158 Stale

Long term public way easement agreement with 710 W Fullerton Ave LLC for existing loading dock tunnel

3/13/2019 - Passed as Substitute

Smith, Michele

Ordinance O2016-7458 Stale

Long-term easement agreement with 401 South State Street Owner LLC for property at 401 S State St

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

King, Sophia D.

Ordinance O2011-1466 Stale

Easement agreement with Swedish Covenant Hospital for pedestrian overpass

4/13/2011 - Passed

O'Connor, Patrick

Ordinance O2018-4269 Stale

Agreements for limited grants of permanent easements and temporary access easements with Illinois Bell Telephone Company, d.b.a. AT&T Illinois, Commonwealth Edison Company, and Peoples Gas Light ...

6/27/2018 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2020-3959 Stale

Amended and restated conservation easement agreement with Openlands for acreage between N Pulaski Rd, N Central Park Ave, W Petersen Ave and W Bryn Mawr Ave within North Park Village

7/22/2020 - Passed

Lightfoot, Lori E.

Ordinance O2017-1028 Stale

Execution of non-exclusive perpetual public way easement agreement with Norwegian Lutheran Bethesda Home Association, also known as Bethesda Home and Retirement Center

5/29/2019 - Failed to Pass

Taliaferro, Chris

Ordinance O2019-6978 Stale

Public way easement agreement with 535 N Michigan Venture LLC and 160 E Grand Ave Associates LLC for construction of publicly accessible deck structure with pedestrian promenade adjacent to 535 N ...

2/19/2020 - Passed as Substitute

Reilly, Brendan

Ordinance O2014-2488 Stale

Easement agreement with Belt Railway Company of Chicago for installation of sewer main on portion of S Austin Ave

4/30/2014 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-4637 Stale

Release of 1965 sewer easement on portion of E Congress Pkwy, E Harrison St, S Wabash Ave and S Michigan Ave

7/06/2011 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2011-723 Stale

Easement agreement with Chicago Park District for King-Lockhart Memorial Park Improvements

3/09/2011 - Passed

Rugai, Virginia

Ordinance O2010-6993 Stale

Public way easement agreement with Roosevelt University for pedestrian overpass

1/13/2011 - Passed

Fioretti, Bob

Ordinance O2012-8567 Stale

Release of water main easement for Oakwood Shores Phase 2d

1/17/2013 - Passed

Emanuel, Rahm

Ordinance O2020-3329 Stale

Conditional public way easement agreement with Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC for below-ground natural gas pipeline transmission main involving E 135th St, S Avenue K, E 134th St and ...

7/22/2020 - Passed

Sadlowski Garza, Susan