Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development

Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development
Tue 11/17/2015
1:00 p.m.
Room 201A -- City Hall -- Chicago, Illinois

Agenda: 1 items

# Action Description ID Sponsor(s)
# 1 Action Description Support of Class 6(b) tax incentive for property at 3790 W 74th St ID R2015-855 Sponsor(s) Quinn, Marty

Alder Attendance: 12 Present, 8 Absent

Name Ward Present Absent
Arena, John
Arena, John Ward 45
Brookins, Jr., Howard
Brookins, Jr., Howard Ward 21
Cochran, Willie B.
Cochran, Willie B. Ward 20
Ervin, Jason C.
Ervin, Jason C. Ward 28
Foulkes, Toni
Foulkes, Toni Ward 16
Hairston, Leslie A.
Hairston, Leslie A. Ward 5
Mitchell, Gregory I.
Mitchell, Gregory I. Ward 7
Mitts, Emma
Mitts, Emma Ward 37
Moore, David H.
Moore, David H. Ward 17
Moreno, Proco Joe
Moreno, Proco Joe Ward 1
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Connor, Patrick Ward 40
Pawar, Ameya
Pawar, Ameya Ward 47
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos
Ramirez-Rosa, Carlos Ward 35
Santiago, Milagros
Santiago, Milagros Ward 31
Scott, Jr. Michael
Scott, Jr. Michael Ward 24
Smith, Michele
Smith, Michele Ward 43
Thompson, Patrick D.
Thompson, Patrick D. Ward 11
Tunney, Thomas
Tunney, Thomas Ward 44
Villegas, Gilbert
Villegas, Gilbert Ward 36
Zalewski, Michael R.
Zalewski, Michael R. Ward 23