Ordinance O2012-6626 Failed

Non-Routine City Matters Municipal Code

Amendment of Municipal Code Titles 1 and 2 by requiring preparation of analysis of fiscal impact of collective bargaining agreements on pension funds prior to approval


Sponsors (25) Ward
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Connor, PatrickPrimary Sponsor Ward 40
Burke, Edward M.
Burke, Edward M. Ward 14
Smith, Michele
Smith, Michele Ward 43
Reilly, Brendan
Reilly, Brendan Ward 42
Mitts, Emma
Mitts, Emma Ward 37
Cullerton, Timothy M.
Cullerton, Timothy M. Ward 38
Laurino, Margaret
Laurino, Margaret Ward 39
Colón, Rey
Colón, Rey Ward 35
Mell, Richard F.
Mell, Richard F. Ward 33
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Joseph Ward 49
Pawar, Ameya
Pawar, Ameya Ward 47
Pope, John
Pope, John Ward 10
Dowell, Pat
Dowell, Pat Ward 3
Tunney, Thomas
Tunney, Thomas Ward 44
Austin, Carrie M.
Austin, Carrie M. Ward 34
Fioretti, Bob
Fioretti, Bob Ward 2
Reboyras, Ariel
Reboyras, Ariel Ward 30
Waguespack, Scott
Waguespack, Scott Ward 32
Burnett, Jr., Walter
Burnett, Jr., Walter Ward 27
Silverstein, Debra L.
Silverstein, Debra L. Ward 50
Osterman, Harry
Osterman, Harry Ward 48
Cappleman, James
Cappleman, James Ward 46
Thomas, Latasha R.
Thomas, Latasha R. Ward 17
Balcer, James
Balcer, James Ward 11
Suarez, Regner Ray
Suarez, Regner Ray Ward 31


Date Legislative body Action
Date 2015-05-20 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Failed to Pass
Date 2012-10-29 Legislative body Committee on Workforce Development and Audit Action Held in Committee
Date 2012-10-03 Legislative body Chicago City Council Action Referred

Legislation text

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